Net-Effects, is an Information Technology services company founded in 2002 and based in Long Beach, CA.  We are a full service hosting and IT services company.  But what we really do is solve problems, both physical and logical within the realm of Mid- to Enterprise level systems and data management both on and off the Internet.

Now for what we do…….and how we got here.

Net-Effects is a partnership between two people with years of experience in large scale fortune 1000 sized companies that had the opportunity to start a company that did both hosting and development under one roof, and by the way, we really like open source software. The principles of Net-Effects are technical junkies.  That being said, a special thanks has to go out to Nasco for allowing us to develop our methodologies to be able to present it to all you readers.

If you’ve got a problem with your current application and or infrastructure, we can probably help. We also like to work with internal programming groups and IT professionals.


By time we get into a triage situation, the application, database and infrastructure have been in place for some time and has turned slowly but surely into a tangled mess. What we do is come in and assess the situation. This can be done in less than 40 man hours, maybe even fix the problems that were causing the problems. If we’re lucky less, but just like a plumber, your mileage may vary.


Whether you need help setting up a new hosting location or need help with your existing infrastructure, we can help. We also have our own cage and access to other cages in Orange county if you need to add to or move your exiting system. If you need managed services, we can provide full monitoring and instrumentation to your existing systems or build new systems using Opscode Chef and define your infrastructure as code in the process.

Development services

We have a programming staff that specializes in JEE or Java, but we can and do all systems programming, we also do Chef/Ruby programing to define infrastructure as code.  Do you have an application that cannot be taken down and it would take hours or days to recreate it?  Net-Effects’ staff can come in and define your prized server as code and be able to recreate it at will in minutes instead of days, or create clones for a HA deployment.  Would yo like to be able to light that application server on the Amazon cloud?? Rackspace?

The deployment can also be integrated into your CVS, SVN, or git servers and application deployment system such as Maven, Hudson/Jenkins or Nexus.

The Net-Effects staff is also fluent in most popular programming languages, though our main specialty is JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) types of development.